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Beritautama.net, BOGOR – Bogor City Government budgeted Rp 13 billion for the construction of Bogor City Police Office on Jalan Kapten Muslihat. It is remembered, Polres typology rose from Bogor City Police to Polresta Bogor Kota.

“Moreover, the current condition of the Police Office is inadequate and less optimally used to serve the people of Bogor City,” said Kapolresta Bogor Kota, Kombes Ulung Sampurna Jaya, when laying the first stone, Friday (5/1/2018).

According to him, for the construction of Polresta’s office, worth Rp 13 billion from the grant of APBD Budgets of Bogor City Government. With a budget of that size, police members are expected to contribute in maintaining and maintaining security in the city of Bogor.

During construction work, police activities continue to run as usual on Jalan Kapten Muslihat, because the existing buildings are not dismantled.

“The old building is still there, so it can still be occupied. If the personnel remain divided into two, there are in Kedung Halang and also here, “he said.

If the new building is completed, the old building will be dismantled. In addition, the Reskrim office currently in Kedunghalang will be moved in Mako Captain Muslihat.

“The fore should be placed in one place with adequate facilities,” he explained.

The construction of Bogor City Police office itself is targeted to be completed on February 21, 2017. The office building stands on 10,285 square meters land with 5,500 meters building area and is located in Lengkong Gudang Timur, Serpong, South Tangerang.

Author: Zedun

Editor: Sofyan

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